Hi! My name is Chloe Francke :) I am a freelance hairstylist based in LA. Originally from NY where I started in this industry 15 years ago!!! For as long as I can remember this is all I wanted to do. I followed my heart and my passion which has lead me to a "job" that I love and doesn't feel like work (well most of the time!). I have been extremely fortunate to have started at one of the top salons in NY where I pride my training at militant with a blow dryer. Through blood, sweat, and (yes) some tears I have been given amazing opportunities. I have worked as a hairstylist in NY Fashion week, commercials,  press tours, television, red carpets, editorial shoots, teaching, product development and go to expert in beauty magazines. This career that I love has taken me to so many places... on so many levels. Though ,  I have always maintained what I started with... the one on one experience with my clients. I love being able to share tricks and products and when I see clients the next time, what ever styling trick or product I recommended is working for them. I love being able to make what I do attainable for them. I love that I am able to enhance what they already have and make them feel beautiful. Because you know what they say... when you feel it on the inside it radiates on the outside. To me beauty is very individual, its inside and out and comes in many forms and places for all of us. I want to encourage our inner beauty by taking care of ourselves (which we don't as much as we should). I know that figuring out what to do or what to use can be a challenge. I want to take the guess work out of it for you and make it simple!

As women we do it all. We are strong, sexy, smart, funny, a lover, a fighter... I want to be very clear...we are everything! We deserve everything and anything we can do for ourselves.I am always on the run between working, running my business and being a mom.

Though I work in a glamorous world, I have a very realistic view on beauty. I want it to get it done quick, I want it to work and when its all said and done... feel like a pretty bitch! I want to share what I love and what I know works and make it work for you. There is no such thing as perfect but you are all flawless!