i want to see your skin...

Whether we're showing a whole lot of skin or just a lil' peek during the summer, the simple fact is we all want our body to look soft, sexy and glowing. During these hots months (or whenever someone is going to see or... touch;) I defiantly give my skin a little extra TLC... since I don't want anyone to see my ashy legs that haven't seen sunlight in months! Here is what is going to get you ready and I promise even you won't be able to stop checking yourself out and keep your hands off!

RUB IT UP!!! Well... with  light, circular motion. Exfoliating is the first step and do this once or twice a week. You need to smooth away any rough, dead skin to get a fresh, new palette. This has been done since the middle ages... for real! One thing I always have is exfoliating gloves, they're cheap and can get them at any drugstore. Use a decent amount of your favorite body wash to get a good suds going and go to town. Just throw them in the laundry when your done and reuse. I also love a body scrub... I'm LOVING Lalicious Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub (I love coconut). Not only does it smell amazing but the scrub itself is smooth and not rough at all. And when you rinse it off it leaves almost like a body oil on so your skin so you don't have to moisturize after if you just want to get the job done quick. But don't forget this isn't just for your elbow and legs... get everything in between. Your skin feels out of this world soft and has a sexy glow, its hard not to touch!. I'm a product junkie... I've tried a lot of body scrubs and this one by far has got to be one of my favs of all time!

LUBE UP!!! Next... moisturize... everyday but especially after any kind of treatment. Because exfoliating can dry out your skin you need to replace any moisture lost. With any body moisturizers I like to use more natural or green products so I'm not putting a synthetic layer on my skin but actually getting the benefits of the product to penetrate into my skin. One thing I can not live without is the ever so popular, inexpensive coconut oil but trust me its like gold! I use it head to toe... literally! A little dab on the ends of my hair at night before I shampoo next day, my face, as eye makeup remover and slather it all over my body. Its great even on sensitive skin (I used this on my kids when they were newborns and still now), super moisturizing and absorbent, antibacterial (so amazing on my prone to breakout skin) and leaves a beautiful glow on your skin. It Is a cure all and I love a multi-purpose product. I tend to like body creams because their more moisturizing than lotions. I really, really like Alaffia's body creams (I'm using the Virgin Coconut), they're super rich but not greasy and absorbent. Another fav is Andalou's body creams (I'm also using the Lavender Shea) which is also firming:) I love this product line... I've been using their skin care for a long time but just started using the body products.

BUTTER ME UP!!! Another one of my staples is straight up Shea Butter... again another ancient multi- purpose remedy. You can again use this all over, though it is definiatly on the thicker side so its amazing after a day in the sun(even on your face) but everyday this is what I use on my elbows, knees, hands and feet. I ABSOLUTELY swear that this has changed my feet forever! I slather this on my feet after my shower (& put socks on for a few mins). Trust when I say it works miracles... I have had an on going battle with my feet for as long as I can remember and this has won!! Even in the summer exposure to the heat & sandals, they are still soft. This may sound weird... but I would have no problem rubbing my feet all over someone & not worry I'm going to cut them with the roughness!! (I know they are some of you who know exactly what I'm talking about!) One more quick tip for feet is using a pumice stone in the shower once to twice a week (not more that) when your all suds up. That and the shea butter, girl you can thank me later.

JUST FOR FUN!!! Now... if you want to have a little fun and go the extra mile, which I totally recommend.

These are in my bag of tricks for special occasions... sunless tanner. Didn't use it for years... now can't live without it, really! I use it on what hasn't seen the sun and to even out tan lines. I love Tarte's Rejuvenating Face & Body Self-Tanner. Its everything! Moisturizing, so easy to blend (comes with a blending mitt), perfect bronze (absolutely no orange), smells good, and makes you look a little photo-shopped. And to top it off... a sexy shimmer. Burt's Bees Radiance Body lotion and Gleam are my favorite! I don't use them straight up, I mix them in with my body cream so its more of a subtle glow. What I'm aiming for with all this is the, I woke up like this (we know its a little more than that!), slightly bronzed goddess, effortless sexy-ass bitch, glowing, soft skin that you (or someone else) won't be able to keep your eyes and yes... hands off;)